When a loved one is diagnosed with diabetes, it is a difficult time for both of you. It is a delicate condition, but with proper care it is manageable. One needs to be there to provide support to the loved one to ensure their journey through this period of transition is bearable until when they will manage it and accept their new status. It could be they have type one or two diabetes. Both require proper care and management.

The following are ways of how to take care of a diabetic;

Emotional support

werthfgfert4Once a loved one gets the news that they are diabetic it may cause them to be upset. One should help them go through this time and offer them emotional support. They can do this by listening to them. One should help them feel reassured that they will be able to manage their condition and live a long fulfilled life. One can also take their time to get a lot of information on the condition so that you will be able to help them accordingly. One can enroll for a class or read books and pamphlets on diabetes. Being there for them is important as it will make them feel encouraged.

Making the dietary changes with them

Their dietary habits will have to change once they are diagnosed with this condition. One may adjust their eating habits to support their loved one. It starts by reducing the unhealthy foods in the house. Making these changes together will also be beneficial to you. One can also go ahead and find diabetes recipes online and try them together. These changes include eating lots of fruits and vegetables, taking whole grains, increased fish intake, reduced intake of unhealthy fats while moderating the healthy fats like avocados, olives, and walnuts among others.

Exercising together

This is one of the ways of controlling one’s blood sugar. It also helps in losing weight and reduction of stress. One should confirm with their doctor first which kind of exercises their diabetic loved one can do and those which they can’t do. Once they have a list of the approved ones, they can start doing them together. One can do aerobic exercises for like half an hour for five days. They can also incorporate resistance training such as yoga, weightlifting among others at least twice a week. This will increase strength and help in controlling blood sugar level.fregtyhgfbd

Stress management

Stress may change the way one’s body responds to insulin hence the importance of stress management. Some of the stress management ways include relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation. Exercising also helps in releasing endorphins which cause relaxation. The other way manage diabetes is getting enough sleep. One should get at least eight hours of sleep in a day.

Caring for them also helps you in adopting healthy habits which will help you remain healthy. One should help them when necessary. This applies to also the little things one can do for them like taking accompanying them when they go for a checkup or helping them get their groceries among others.