How effective are Proactiv products in fighting acne?

Acne is not only a teenager’s worst nightmare, but it is also something that bothers most adults. In fact, nearly 50 million adults in the United States alone gave acne. This means that in every six adults, one is grappling with acne breakouts.


Proactiv products are made with an exclusive technology known as the Smart Target technology that enables the products to be two times more effective as compared to other acne treatment products. This allows the product to deliver two times more medicine into your pores. Apart from taking care of acne, the products are also made to take care of other skin issues to give your skin uneven texture and tone.

This is why Proactiv, which is one of the best acne treatment products available in the market, frees you from feeling low and negative about your skin by giving you control over your acne. Proactiv is a combination of ingredients that have been proven to be safe for the skin. These ingredients are effective acne fighters that will enable you to get back your beautiful skin. This will give you all the confidence that you need as you as your inner beauty will be revealed to the world.  If you have been wondering, does proactive really work? there you have it.

Deep cleansing wash

This product contains salicylic acid and polyethylene beads. The salicylic acid helps in peeling off dead skin that has blocked your pores hence preventing pimples from developing.

Advanced blemish treatment

It contains 6% benzoyl peroxide that helps in eliminating pimples. In the first month of use, you will notice that about 2/3 of your acne would have disappeared.

Repairing treatment

It contains around 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide. This enables it to clear all your pimples and blackheads while at the same time being gentle on your skin. The benzoyl peroxide also kills all the bacteria that would have clogged your pores.

Green tea moisturizer

Green tea is a popular ingredient in most skin care products. It helps in fighting acne as it shrinks the sebaceous glands thereby reducing the amount of oil produced that will otherwise clog your pores. It will also moisturize your skin since it contains dimethicone and glycerin.

Sulfur acne treatment

This product from Proactiv contains 6% sulfur that helps to heal the pimples as they get cleared. It also helps to cover up pimples that may form while the old pimples are being cleared.